I Killed the Podcast. Now, Please Welcome the SoundStream.

It was long overdue to kill “podcasting”—a decidedly bad name for what is still a mighty fine medium. So I did it, and I replaced those damned pods with what ought to be their rightful namesake: Sound.

Having entered the world of on-demand media around 2004 and launched podcasting for a global news media company shortly after, it has puzzled and even vexed me (yes, vexed!) why we are still calling it “podcasting” considering this delivery vehicle for the audio platform lives beyond the device it was originally coined to promote. Now we stream, and we’re not brand specific.

At least a year ago, probably longer, I finally settled on “SoundCast” and “SoundStream” for myself (I use them interchangeably) to better codify what I had long-apprehended as the technological shift from downloading on-demand audio to streaming it.

The SoundCast/SoundStream plays to its unique strength: the intimacy of the personal imagination space that engages thoughts and visions by way of sound. It is the users’ personal and responsive media experience. Using SoundStream embraces the paradigm of seamlessly sharing content from anywhere to anywhere: a direct, connective flow of ideas, words, emotional and social and political context, as conjured by a creator and transmitted to a listener: a story and its resonance.

So let’s honor the core of what we do.
Stop podcasting and start SoundStreaming.