A Case of the Pot Calling the Kettle Brian Williams

So what NBC’s Brian Williams did is egregious, huh?

So-called journalists and media critics and pundits are now taking Williams to task for his integrity. What a joke that they take themselves so seriously as judge and jury—as if many of those criticizing have much integrity themselves! 

What’s worse than Williams’s relatively insignificant infraction is a media that did not and will not thoroughly, prominently and indefatigably cover the political debacle over the past 13-plus years that has unravelled American laws and systematically upturned our civil rights—U.S. invasions of sovereign countries; mass surveillance of citizens and foreign dignitaries, at home and abroad; the continued militarization of our domestic police forces; the spiraling dysfunction of all three branches of government bending to self interests through rampant greed and corruption; and a host of endless despicable actions that could not possibly fit to print here.

The daily news is so obsessed with entertaining its audiences that investigative reporting has become a necessarily incongruous element, relegated to symbolic garland decorating the carcass of our Fourth Estate. Toothless and devoid of meaning or importance, media’s sad circumstance is that the entertainment they so shallowly and breathlessly seek to deliver cannot only never be attained by them; it has been trumped ironically by the best satirists of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Last Week Tonight (John Oliver) as America’s real news sources.

Journalists need to get on with the serious business of covering relevant issues and stories that resonate with and are truly meaningful to the citizenry and civic well-being of this country. However, that would upset the corporations that run the news and solicit news advertising and pay news salaries, so don’t get your hopes up too high.

A postscript:
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