What happened to that $5.8 Billion we gave you? You spent it on…Advertising?!?

Overall “the U.S. will (have spent) $5.8 billion dollars on campaigning in 2012.” Together, Obama and Romney spent $2 billion of that, mostly on negative advertising.

According to data visualization site visual.ly, MDG Advertising contends that instead of spending—sorry: THROWING AWAY—that much money, it could

…help cover the emergency room co-pays of more than 76 million people;

…help 678,838 cancer patients cover a year’s worth of medical care, from doctor’s appointments to medicine and lost wages;

…cover one year of full-time childcare for 1,137,924 families;

…allow existing businesses to hire 139,178 employees, while 193,333 new companies could be funded for launch;

…pay for the hiring of 137,727 public school teachers, as well as cover one year of in-state tuition and fees for 869,695 students at a public four-year university;

…pay for a year of electric bills for more than 4 million households;

…help 1.7 million homeowners pay their annual mortgage interest and charges;

…allow more than 350,000 families to cover their housing costs for a year.

And so on and on.

POINT OF REFERENCE:for a person making $10 an hour, one billion dollars = 50,000 years of income. Fifty thousand years ago humans were living in caves, hunting mammoths.

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