NPR gets it. You know: the whole mashup digital media thing

NPR News iconNPR’s Gary Knell says one of his first priorities was to “smash together the digital and so-called audio journalists.”

J-schools such as UC Berkeley and Columbia have been on this bandwagon offering practicums for the past decade, while simultaneously visionaries such as Brian Storm at MediaStorm and Ira Glass have been knocking it out of the box in the real world. Yet true digital enmeshment of technologies such as apps with media layers? That’s where NPR actually may be able to provide a smash breakout.

NPR has ventured there steadily, and it’s good to hear that Knell’s strong statement is backed by initiatives of merit: NPR’s Infinite Player is basically a news jukebox; and their news apps (now run by Brain Boyer), not unlike their early and strong entry into podcasting, are timely.

Mark Stencel, managing editor for digital news has said on “What we’ve been able to add over the past several years is this visual storytelling…whether that’s amazing photography or video or now really robust data-driven interactive graphics and document presentations.”

Mash, smash and #hash(tag) it. Life is for remixing.

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