The only NewsFail that’s an antidote to the poison

I don’t know where to begin raving about the book #NEWSFAIL by Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein, partners in Citizen Radio — there is simply too much cogent insight and common sense from which to excerpt without reprinting the whole damn thing. You need to read it. Yes, now. I’m serious. Having taught journalism, I am […]

A Case of the Pot Calling the Kettle Brian Williams

So what NBC’s Brian Williams did is egregious, huh? So-called journalists and media critics and pundits are now taking Williams to task for his integrity. What a joke that they take themselves so seriously as judge and jury—as if many of those criticizing have much integrity themselves!  What’s worse than Williams’s relatively insignificant infraction is […]

The Zite app is going away and that sucks big time

Earlier this year, the rather excellent aggregation iPad app Zite was acquired by the other rather less than excellent app for aggregation, Flipboard. And that’s the problem: great app versus not so great app. So what will happen? Flipboard claims they will integrate the algorithms that make Zite so good into the Flipboard app. And they […]

What happened to that $5.8 Billion we gave you? You spent it on…Advertising?!?

Overall “the U.S. will (have spent) $5.8 billion dollars on campaigning in 2012.” Together, Obama and Romney spent $2 billion of that, mostly on negative advertising. According to data visualization site, MDG Advertising contends that instead of spending—sorry: THROWING AWAY—that much money, it could …help cover the emergency room co-pays of more than 76 million people; …help […]